What is ASMR?

The world community has never stopped looking for new inventions, theories, discoveries and even human feelings, of which, ASSR or Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response is just one of them and has been discussed at many forums since it first surfaced on the online platform spontaneously on the 19th of October 2007.

At a discussion that was limited to health related subjects, a 21 year old registered user on that forum spontaneously brought out this subject out for discussion which was something that had not surfaced until then though many had some inkling about it but probably kept under wraps due to various reasons unknown today.

The website where it was discussed was called “Steady Health” and the username that the initiator used was “okaywhatever” and it was this that kick started what we today call ASMR.

“okaywhatever” discussed very openly about a childhood sensation that he had experienced and wanted to bring it to the attention of those who were participating in the online discussion and it did create quite an euphoria of interest to be taken further and many others joined in and it took an unprecedented audience who were very much interested in this new human sensation.

Though what was discussed became sensationalized there was no specific characteristic experiences to pinpoint what it was all about, though “okaywhatever” described it as a sensation, similar to someone running a finger along the skin especially along the spine from the neck downwards, it was not limited to only this, though there could have many other variations when different people brought out different opinions, at different discussions, on many other forums.

Whatever it was it was accepted that there was a sensation which had to be looked at very closely and a proper and specific explanation found for it and it became a consensus to look into it further.

Though there a general consensus to discuss this phenomenon further there was no consensus to name it as there was many different variations to this universally accepted sensation, which many had experienced and were willing to talk and discuss it on very popular forums.

Then came along the “Yahoo Group” called the “Society of Sensationalists” which was founded on the 12th of December 2008, under the user name “Ryan, AKA M?stery” followed by a blog on Blogspot.com calling itself “The Unnamed Feeling” which was launched on the 13th of February 2010 by a contributor named Andrew MacMuiris.

With that the discussions grew into a wider audience and then followed Jennifer Allen whose coining of the words “Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response” on the 25th of February 2010 with a Facebook Group that finally caught the attention of many and has now been accepted as the right coining of words for the discussion that was brought into the public domain by the initiator of it “okaywhatever” a few years back.

Though we have coined the group of words the sensation which it is referring to, is still open for detailed discussion to really find out what it is all about.


The issue of Intentional ASMR is generally deduced from the practice of creating sounds, videos and other media related effects to stimulate ASMR.

These specific and professionally instigated programs or actions are many and have been flooding the online medium to create the interest that has been a sensation since this issue came to the public domain.

There is still many loop holes to it as though theories have been put forward no human clinical tests have been conducted to ascertain that this stimulation creates a particular response.

The issue of ASMR has to be more closely studied to come to a specific conclusion that ASMR does indeed cause some kind of reaction which could be channeled to good deeds or it could be channeled for criminal or bad deeds as the world would call it.

This factor is still out for detailed discussion and until such time there are specifics it would be prudent on our part to tread very carefully on this path as we could be unnecessarily created ghosts that we should have kept locked in the cupboard.

There are also discussions through the media especially through online websites as to whether ASMR has a sexual component or content to it and if so what effect it would have on those exposed to it and this is still not contradicted nor set aside as not relevant to the discussion hence it would be in our good interests to discuss this on every forum possible and see the pros and cons of it and come to a conclusion that this is what it is and nothing else.

Until then we need to assimilate all the information we have at hand and intelligently compile them and bring in experts who could be in other fields but with some sort of expertise in such complicated matters and then issue conclusions to the effects of ASMR on the people who are affected by it and if it is thought that every human being is liable to experience it then we need to know what it is and what inherent dangers it could pose to others around us.

Hence whether Intentional ASMR is something that is innocent and harmless or whether it is dangerous and harmful has not been in the public domain though various theories have been put forward.

We would need to go through the whole process with a toothcomb until we arrive at the right conclusion because our lives could depend on it.


There is now a consensus as to whether the popularity of videos is due to it triggering ASMR and if that is the case is this “Unintentional ASMR”, of which if we go a bit further could be deduced as videos not specifically produced to stimulate ASMR but they help to stimulate when watched.

This could be quite an issue for the general public to understand but the point would need detailed further scrutiny before it could be concluded that there is a chance of Unintentional ASMR which is being stimulating in many of those who watch videos without the slightest inclination that whilst they are watching ASMR is being triggered in them and which is what makes them closer to the idea of regularly watching videos.

To take this argument further there is an affinity to produce videos through binaural recording which is to record sounds which would be better conceived if listened through earphones or headphones rather than speakers placed at a distance.

Listening to sounds through earphones or headphones there would be two distinct sounds emanating into the respective ears which would be independent of the other ear and this effect is created by binaural recording to separate the sounds which the recording would pick up but making it two rather than mixing it an making it into one.

The hearing of this dual sound through the individual ears stimulates ASMR but it could be said that it is unintentional and not specifically directed to create the effect that it is needed to create.

The subject of Unintentional ASMR is still in its nascent stage and there would be many theories put forward as the time goes on and with more videos being produced to specifically study the effects of this phenomenon on individuals having different perspectives who could either be prodded to initiate what the experiments would deduce at the end.

There is also no clinical data which has been collected to assume or prove that Unintentional ASMR is a factor for any specific action by anyone who has experienced it and placed himself in danger or put others in danger.

The studies to bring the issue on Unintentional ASMR would have to go on to study the effects on specific individuals before any conclusion is arrived at.