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This ASMR video is something else! I think we’ve watched this about 10 times in the past week, it just gives us so many tingles. Sleep is so important and if you don’t get enough of it can be very unhealthy, luckily our ASMR content will help you fall asleep quickly. In case you didn’t […]


We love ASMR videos which give you brilliant brain tingles and this one certainly dose. We literally have had this on loop. So many people struggle to sleep these days and ASMR has helped millions of people all around the world with this problem. ASMR is growing every single year and the two main types […]

ASMR Crazy Flora the Florist Roleplay

Here we have another brain tingling ASMR video for you all to enjoy! This might just be one of our favourites yet! If your trying to get to sleep just put on some of our videos and lay back and relax! ASMR is such a good way to drift off. Intentional ASMR tends to be […]