Charity Shop Haul πŸ’“ what’s in my bag #ASMR video

ASMR videos just like this one is such a great way to unwind and feel amazing tingles. This truly is an excellent ASMR video. Don’t bother taking sleeping pills again, our ASMR content can send you into a deep sleep within 5 minutes of watching. There has been a huge rise in the amount of intentional and unintentional ASMR over the past year and we love it. Peoples soft spoken voices or whispering often trigger peoples ASMR but there are so many other ways It can be triggered. Here at ASMR union we try to bring together everyone who is interested in ASMR and try to educate those who haven’t heard of it. We want to get you to relax as much as possible. So get comfy and enjoy the sound and visuals of our content. You’ll really enjoy this so much more if you have some good headphones or speakers so be sure to plug them in.

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