Hello our fellow ASMR fans, today we bring to you a sensational video for you to experience! So just sit back and relax. Don’t bother taking sleeping pills again, our ASMR content can send you into a deep sleep within 5 minutes of watching. The amount of work artists put into their intentional AMSR videos is something special. On the flip side finding a great un intentional ASMR video is a fantastic feeling. Peoples soft spoken voices or whispering often trigger peoples ASMR but there are so many other ways It can be triggered. ASMR is huge in America right now and spreading all over the world, soon we’re sure everyone will know what ASMR is. We want to get you to relax as much as possible. So get comfy and enjoy the sound and visuals of our content. Why not go out and buy yourself some really good headphones or speakers, if you do, you’ll get an extra special experience.

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