[ASMR] Mistletoe Fixes Your Elf Ears | Close Whispers & Ear Attention

We love this kind of ASMR video, there is just something about it which hits the spot! We literally cannot wait for the next one. I’ve always struggled falling asleep until I discovered ASMR videos, now I’m dreaming before I even have time to think about it. The amount of work artists put into their intentional AMSR videos is something special. On the flip side finding a great un intentional ASMR video is a fantastic feeling. There are so many different types of triggers when it comes to ASMR such as whispering, tapping and scratching to name just a few. Our mission is to make ASMR more mainstream that it already is, we want the world to enjoy the brain sensation that we do. Relax, just relax. All you have to do for the next few minutes is sit back and enjoy the sounds of our brilliant content. We have got ourselves some amazing headphones and speakers to really enjoy these sounds in true HD audio.

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