[ASMR] Deep Ear Attention (Close-Up Whispers)

This ASMR video is something else! I think we’ve watched this about 10 times in the past week, it just gives us so many tingles. When you fall asleep watching an ASMR video you tend to get much more vivid and pleasurable dreams. Intentional ASMR videos tend to be the most popular although there has been large increase in unintentional ASMR as well. Triggers in ASMR are what causes you to get those awesome tingling sensations down your spine which feels so god. The world of ASMR is amazing, crazy and unique. We are trying to bring everyone interested in ASMR together to create a union. The best way get rid of stress is simply to relax and lucky for you we have so much chilled out content for you to enjoy. Sometimes its worth spending a little bit extra to get some decent headphones or speakers to enjoy this a lot more.

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