[ASMR] 1 Hour Tapping for Sleep & Relaxation | No Talking

There is no doubt you will fall in love with this ASMR video. It will give you tingles all the way from your head to the back of your spine. You should spend one third of your life asleep so it is important to fall into a deep snooze every night and that’s where ASMR comes in handy. ASMR is growing every single year and the two main types intentional & unintentional are both going strong. ASMR triggers have been around forever however no one really knew what they were. Now we can purposely set these triggers off through content. We hope we can bring together everyone who enjoys watching or creating ASMR videos into a large group or union. Every day you should relax for a period of time, this helps you to clear your mind and become much less stressed. If you’re after a true high-quality sound experience you need to shop around and get yourself some good headphones or speakers.

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