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ASMR videos just like this one are so nice to watch. Everyone here is just in blow off their feet when they watch and listen. So many people struggle to sleep these days and ASMR has helped millions of people all around the world with this problem. Unintentional ASMR videos are great because they take something and change its meaning, however intentional ASMR takes it to a new level. Triggers in ASMR are what causes you to get those awesome tingling sensations down your spine which feels so god. Our mission is to make ASMR more mainstream that it already is, we want the world to enjoy the brain sensation that we do. Some people in the world are far too stressed for their own good. Our content helps everyone relax and live a happier life. Good headphones or speakers are an absolute must if you want to truly enjoy this video. Just go online grab a good deal.

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