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We’re all about ASMR videos like this one, they just make you feel so happy and forget all the bad things going on in your life. If your trying to get to sleep just put on some of our videos and lay back and relax! ASMR is such a good way to drift off. Intentional […]
ASMR Lushful Spa Treatment ✨ Facial and MassageASMR Lushful Spa Treatment ✨ Facial and Massage

ASMR Lushful Spa Treatment ✨ Facial and Massage

Here we have another brain tingling ASMR video for you all to enjoy! This might just be one of our favourites yet! If you ever find yourself laying in bed trying to get to sleep and overthinking things you need to put on some of ASMR videos to drift off. Intentional ASMR tends to be […]


Autonomous Sensory Meridian Response (ASMR) is a much talked about subject since it was brought to the public domain on the 19th of October 2007 and has since then been discussed and theories issued to really get to what it is all about.

There is also the perception that there are two arms to it and that being Unintentional ASMR and the other being Intentional ASMR and the two have been taken out and studied with microscopic detail but a real conclusion has still to be arrived at.

Whatever the final conclusion “ASMR Union” has created what we think is the answer to the real ASMR and that is the place which has been rightly identified as the precursor to the whole issue of ASMR in the first place.

Finding videos that are specific to ASMR could be found on the YouTube domain of “Union ASMR” and these could be assumed to stimulate ASMR and has been found to do so which would give online video watchers an idea of what all this sensation is about when you talk about ASMR.

ASMR has been universally accepted now as a response to some sensory median we all experience and to know more about it getting a video produced specifically to stimulate the effect would be the best way to experience what is said about it around you.

If you are to join a discussion on ASMR it would be prudent to first watch a video shared by “ASMR Union” and then see for yourself what this whole thing is all about.

We experience different things in our life at different times and we generally tend to get engrossed in them for the simple fact that we are all inquisitive to know more about something that breaks into the public domain and is talked about at every given forum and now ASMR is one such subject which is doing the rounds on the online circuit and hence it would be in our best interests to know what it is.

Watching some videos on the subject would educate you the effects that it has on what we call ASMR and whether it has a normal or abnormal effect coupled with a sexual effect as some say about it, the best would be to judge it yourself and there is no better way than to experience it first hand and watch a few videos on the subject.

“ASMR Union” has taken much pains to bring these videos to you and for best effect it would be better enjoyed of listened to through headphones rather than in an open room with loud speakers on at full blast.

The effect of ASMR on us has been discussed in detail and is a good subject to study human responses and watching videos produced on the subject would enlighten you on what the effects would be on you as an individual who has still to be exposed to this recently discovered phenomenon.